I want to serve my clients well and to have a positive relationship with them. Ensuring that potential clients understand upfront the costs and value of the service that an attorney provides can set that relationship on the right path from the beginning. I am happy to explain fees and costs to a potential client in detail. Generally, I charge fees as follows:

  • Please ask me about my current hourly rate
  • Initial consultation (1-2 hours) for a modest flat fee
  • After the initial consultation -
    • Small business:
      • Transactional matters (business entity set up, contract development, etc.) -- Hourly fee
      • Flat fees possible in some simple matters
    • Employment and Labor:
      • Plaintiff-side litigation matters
      • Contingent fee - a percentage of the settlement or judgment
        • only with a written agreement between my client and me
        • Client pays attorney’s fees only if I secure a positive economic settlement or judgment for my client.
        • Clients responsible for other costs regardless of outcome of case
        • Dependent on review with potential client of
          • engagement and fee agreement
          • a written explanation of how a contingent fee works.
      • Defense of employees
        • For example: unemployment appeals or suits by former employers for breach of contract
        • hourly fee basis
        • Payment plans possible


The information I provide on this website is intended only to help you decide if I practice law in an area of concern to you, and whether you would want to engage my services. I have provided only general information on this website, which I periodically update. Legislatures change laws, government departments change regulations, and courts decide cases that change the precedents that apply to various legal situations. Although I attempt to keep the information on the site current and accurate, I cannot guarantee either its completeness or accuracy at any given time. Information available on the Internet cannot substitute for the advice of a licensed attorney who can assess and advise a client about the client's current, unique situation.

Nothing on this website creates an attorney-client relationship or other fiduciary or confidential relationship. I am not the attorney of, nor do I represent, any potential client until all of the following happens:

  • I have done a "conflict check" - that is, I have ensured that I have no conflicts of interest if I agree to represent the potential client - by taking some very basic contact information about the client and anyone against whom the client wants to take legal action, and checking that information against my files.
  • I meet the individual in an initial consultation,
  • I agree to represent him or her,
  • we sign an engagement agreement and a fee agreement, and
  • the client provides a retainer fee (if required).

Do not send confidential questions or documents in regard to a legal matter to me unless we have already met, I have agreed to represent you, and you have signed an engagement and fee agreement with me.

A link to or from this site is not an endorsement. The existence of such a link does not, in itself, reflect any relationship between the linked entity and us.

The Law Office of Elizabeth J. Inayoshi, LLC is solely responsible for the content of this website.

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