Small business

I love helping people realize their entrepreneurial dreams and I bring practical knowledge to bear in helping my clients realize theirs. I balance my legal advice with business know-how developed over decades working in high-tech.

Helping Get Your Small Business Off to the Best Start

Creating a new business from the ground up takes initiative, ingenuity, fortitude, creativity – and planning and a lot of paperwork. I know from personal experience that starting a small business is exciting and terrifying all at the same time – and having someone knowledgeable in your corner provides the support you need to get your business off on the right foot and keep it moving in the right direction.

When I worked in high-tech, my managers often called upon me to develop new systems, develop policies and procedures, and define new tools. The skills that helped me to complete those programs successfully, coupled with a thorough grounding in the legal needs of business, assure that I can guide you through setting up your new business and getting it off to the right start.

I can help create and file the legal paperwork to set up your business to allow you to achieve your goals – by structuring the company to give you the control you want and the tax structure you need. I can negotiate and write contracts to deal with customers and vendors as your business grows. I can develop or review the personnel policies and manuals that ensure that you comply not just with the letter of the law, but allow you to be a great employer.

The rewards of owning your own business are many – the satisfaction of creating something, of being your own boss, of succeeding on your own merits. With your hard work and determination – and a little help from a business-experienced attorney like me – you will be well on your way to being a successful entrepreneur.

Contact Elizabeth Inayoshi today about

  • Choosing the right business entity for your business and tax needs
  • Registering and licensing your business with state and local authorities
  • Contracts for working with vendors, customers, and employees
  • Employment manuals
  • Trademarking your logo, product names, and other business assets
  • Assisting small businesses in Hillsboro, Washington County, and anywhere in the tri-county area
Do I Really Need an Attorney for My New Business?

If you are setting up your new small business, hear why it makes sense to consult an attorney to ensure everything is set up correctly.

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