Federal, state, and local laws have provided a variety of protections against discrimination in the workplace since 1964, with new statutes and new court cases extending those protections on an ongoing basis.

Protecting you against discrimination

Sometimes, the attitudes of managers and co-workers toward employees who are different – because of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, military service, or sexual orientation – make the workplace unbearable.

If an employer discriminates against an employee or a group of employees because of their membership in a “protected class”, the employees may be able to bring suit against their employer. Federal, state, and local laws provide a variety of protections against discrimination in the workplace, but they do not make that protection easy to come by. Employees who want to hold an employer accountable for illegal discriminatory treatment must meet stringent criteria, and file in the appropriate court or agency within defined (and often short) deadlines. Complicated statutes vary widely in their coverage and state and federal court rulings can limit their coverage in unexpected ways. I can provide critical legal help in Hillsboro, Washington County and the surrounding counties to navigate these difficult waters.

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What Are My Legal Rights as an Employee?

Do you believe your employer has discriminated against you? Why an attorney can help you determine if your employer's treatment of you is illegal.

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